Well, it’s a Start

This is the post excerpt.



Thanks to Karen Williams, a few of us formed a support group to tackle our UFO’s. We’re not building spaceships; just facing our UnFinished Objects. These earrings are the first work I’ve completed. There are links to the other participants at the end of this post.


Some of these motifs will be used in other pieces. See those two pearls on the upper left? I’ve tried this bezel three different ways, and am still not happy with it.  Herringbone, square stitch, and a third method I don’t remember. Brick stitch won’t get me quite this look, but I’ll try for something similar.


old pic - class ideas

This mess was the starting point. Two years ago I played around and made several bits of beadwork. I was considering a class for a bead retreat.  I wanted to show various motifs from the same start. I couldn’t make the retreat, and these got pushed aside.


IMG_20170310_135448751 2

Last summer I decided it was time to use some of these.  I wanted to make a lariat with some of the green motifs and seed beads. To my surprise, Toho doesn’t make a single seed bead that I like with the Czech olivine. Or at least, I couldn’t find one.  I sadly gave up the design I had envisioned, and ordered some more olivine rounds to make a different type of necklace. They went in the box with the rest of the beads, and remained on the shelf.

I can’t quite get happy with the rounds.  Maybe I’ll order some Czech olivine seed beads, or use some simple chain… I’ll have a necklace out of these yet.

Here are the rest of the bloggers

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Amy Severino, Amy Beads
Therese, Therese’s Treasures
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7 thoughts on “Well, it’s a Start”

  1. Liz, congratulations on finishing your earrings! As you talked about working with your cabochon design, it really sounded to me like you’re doing the beading equivalent of sketching out design ideas. So maybe these are your rough draft sketches as you’re preparing for your larger design?

    I find it’s helpful to keep some beading simply as components that I can refer to as my ‘sketchbook’ for future design ideas. You have a number of beautiful bezels.

    And congratulations again on the new blog – looks fantastic!



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  2. Somehow a nicely organized UFO (your final picture) seems a lot less scary than the catch-all box that I use. Maybe it’s the tangled threads. I have to stop doing that.

    I love purple and green. Your finished earrings are lovely! You might not have worked the necklace out (yet) but you have made some really great progress — you have a blog now — yeay!

    I’m looking forward to seeing where your creative process takes those gorgeous rounds.

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  3. The earrings turned out wonderfully! I love the color combo. Perfect for spring.

    I know exactly what you mean about making components and experimenting. I have jars full of bits and bobs from trying out new designs. What fun to keep experimenting with a similar shape. I’m sure you will come up with something delightful. I think part of the fun in working in components is the endless array of arrangements you can make.


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  4. I love your earrings they are beautiful and in my favorite colors. I have a few unfinished rounds too I think I will make them into earrings. Looking forward to seeing your next finished UFO.

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  5. Beading around beads is possibly my favorite thing to do! I love the ones you made and the colors you used. Your lariat will be gorgeous when it is done!


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